Leaves of Absence

If you take an approved leave of absence, your creditable service may be affected.
FRS Pension Plan FRS Investment Plan
You will not receive retirement service credit for any period you are out on an approved leave of absence without pay.
You may, however, elect to purchase creditable service for up to two work years of authorized leaves of absence. You can do this provided you have completed a minimum of 6 years of creditable service (excluding periods of leave of absence), and you return to active employment with an FRS employer immediately upon termination of your leave of absence and remain on your employer's payroll for at least one calendar month.
Your cost for purchasing this service will be at the contribution rate in effect at the time of your leave multiplied by your monthly rate of compensation in effect immediately prior to taking your leave plus 6.5% annual interest from the effective date of the leave until full payment is made.
Persons on a leave of absence during their initial Choice periods will have 5 months (if date of hire is prior to January 1, 2018) or eight months (if date of hire is on or after January 1, 2018), upon their return to employment to choose which plan they wish to join.
You will not receive retirement service credit for any period you are out on a leave of absence, unless the leave of absence is specifically covered under federal or state law, such as a military leave of absence covered under the federal Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.
You may not purchase creditable service under the Investment Plan, except for a military leave of absence as indicated above. If you have additional service credit you wish to use towards your retirement, you must purchase such service under the Pension Plan before you become a member of the Investment Plan.