Investment Funds You Can Choose

The FRS Investment Plan features 19 funds you can choose, including 9 funds spread across five asset classes, and 10 retirement date funds that are mixtures of various asset classes. A Self-Directed Brokerage Account is also available.

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    Stable Value funds are a conservative investment option available only to defined contribution plans. Stable value funds focus on the preservation of capital, retaining the value of your investment regardless of what stock or bond markets are doing. Although similar to money market funds, stable value funds offer slightly higher yields without little additional risk. Stable value funds invest in fixed income securities and wrap contracts offered by banks and insurance companies. Wrap contracts generally provide a protected return even if the underlying investments decline in value. Stable value funds are not FDIC-insured or guaranteed.

  • FRS Stable Value Fund (350)

    Inflation Protection funds invest in a diversified array of assets that may help offset inflationary pressures. These assets include but are not limited to U.S. Treasury inflation-linked securities, commodities, real estate investment trusts, gold and other securities. The funds seek long term real (net of inflation) returns to preserve the future purchasing power of accumulated assets. You could lose money over short or long periods by investing in this fund and returns may not keep pace with inflation.

  • FRS Inflation Sensitive Fund (300)

    Foreign and Global Stock Funds invest primarily in stocks issued by foreign companies. Compared to U.S. stocks, foreign and global stocks are affected by additional risk factors such as foreign laws and regulations, differences in accounting practices, political and currency risks. Over the long-term, foreign and global stocks have provided additional diversification benefits.

  • FRS Foreign Stock Index Fund (200)
  • FRS Global Stock Fund (210)
  • FRS Foreign Stock Fund (220)