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Request for Intervention/Final Orders

Members of the Investment Plan or Pension Plan who are dissatisfied with the services of an Investment Plan or MyFRS Financial Guidance provider or one of its representatives, have the right to file a Request for Intervention. Interventions may include unresolved customer service complaints involving services or transactions, allegations of misconduct, or allegations of misrepresentation. An investigation will be conducted and the State Board of Administration (SBA) will issue a final agency action letter detailing the SBA's findings, any proposed resolution, and information on the next steps in the dispute resolution process.
If the member is not satisfied with the decision the member may request a hearing with the SBA within 21 days of receipt of the final agency action letter by filing a Petition for Hearing. The SBA will review the petition for compliance with the SBA's requirements and timeliness. If appropriate, the petition can be denied for lack of compliance and for failure to file within the stated timeline. If the SBA elects to request that an administrative law judge of the Division of Administrative Hearings (DOAH) be assigned to conduct the hearing, the SBA will forward the petition and all materials filed with the SBA to the DOAH within 15 days after receipt of the petition and will notify the member of its action. The SBA will issue an order in the proceedings.
See the FRS Investment Plan Complaint Procedures for more information and the Request for Intervention and Petition for Hearing forms.
Final orders that have been issued by the SBA are listed below by category. This list will be updated as new final orders are issued. If you have any questions regarding the following final orders, please contact the SBA, as follows:
Telephone: 850-413-1499
US mail:
Investment Plan Complaint Resolution
Office of Defined Contribution Programs
State Board of Administration of Florida
P.O. Box 13300
Tallahassee, FL 32317-3300
Fax: 850-413-1489

Final Orders by Category

Buy Back Amount
Employee Contributions
Excessive Trading
Hardship Distribution Requests
Hold On Account
In-Service-Invalid Distribution
IRS Levy
Not Eligible Due to Service Credit
No Elections Remaining
Refund of Pension Plan Employee Contributions
Required Minimum Distribution
Retiree Status
Retirees Returning To Work With FRS Employer On/Or After 7-1-2010
Retroactive Enrollment
SBA Liability For Account Losses
Second Elections
SUSORP Election
Waiver Regarding Six Month Requirement between Retirement and Rehire
Wrong Option-Plan Selected