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Financial Planning & Counseling

For more than 40 years, the FRS mission has been to provide high quality, and cost-effective retirement services to our members. In keeping with that mission, we continue to develop and offer valuable personalized support services to help FRS members make informed decisions about their retirement.
You can receive free, unbiased financial planning and counseling services using different communication channels that are designed to suit individual members' needs. You have available in-depth investment information and support. MyFRS Financial Guidance Program resources available include:
On the Phone — The MyFRS Financial Guidance Line is staffed by an award-winning financial planning team at EY and retirement counselors from the Division of Retirement-ready to take your call and offer you knowledgeable, personalized assistance.
Over the Web — The Web site offers valuable resources, financial data, educational information, and easy access to state-of-the-art services such as the Advisor Service and Choice Service (for 1st and 2nd elections).
In Person — The MyFRS Financial Guidance Program sponsors financial planning workshops filled with valuable retirement and general investment information.
Schedule an Appointment Online — Speak to an EY financial planner when it is convenient for you. Our online MyFRS Financial Guidance Line Appointment System allows you to select the date and time that best work for your schedule.